The 12 Month Programme

Our programme exposes children to key science, technology, and repair skills. By tinkering with a new gadget every month, children will get hands-on with a wide range of technologies, learn how to perform some of the most common repairs, and use some of the most important tools.

From first time fixer to tech wizard

Split across four levels of complexity, our programme teaches tech basics like buttons and electricity, to advanced topics like displays and wireless communication.

💡 Early Explorer

An introduction to the basics of gadgets and repair. Laying the foundations of fixing and STEM.

🥉 Rookie Ranger

A look at some core features that make everyday technology work.

🥈 Crafty Captain

Get your hands on some transducers - components that turn energy into something physical.
Pull all of this learning together by exploring some of the most advanced electronic concepts.

Powered by our app

To help guide children through the repair, teach STEM concepts, and enhance the Team Repair experience, each Fix-it box is paired with a dedicated programme on the Team Repair App.

Follow Guided Tutorials

Our programme is carefully designed and thoroughly tested to ensure they both guide children through the repair, and challenge them enough to stretch their problem-solving skills. Meanwhile, interactive content teaches them the core STEM concepts behind the gadgets they are fixing.