A sustainable monthly subscription teaching children science, technology, and repair.

What makes a Team Repair box?

Our monthly subscription box and app inspire science and technology curiosity and teach sustainability and repair.

Take apart, tinker with, and repair real gadgets

Every month we send a carefully broken gadget for children to take apart, tinker with, and repair, teaching a wide range of STEM skills.

Learn about science and technology on our app

Our app guides children through repairs, teaches science concepts, and encourages them to help each other solve problems.

Get hands-on with major tools throughout the programme

Each box comes with all the tools needed to complete the repair. Over the months, fixers get to try out every major tool - empowering them to make their own future repairs.

An ultra-sustainable, clutter free subscription

At the end of each month the gadget is sent back to us and reused for a different fixer’s box, making our service waste-free. Let’s reduce the amount of e-waste being sent to landfill!

Build key STEM skills

Our ever evolving programme enhances the school curriculum and nurtures STEM curiosity. By tinkering with and fixing real products, our fixers form a real understanding of technical concepts and learn how things work.

Meet our awesome fixers!

“I liked finding what’s wrong, fixing it and putting it back together!”
"Great way to introduce electronics and caring for the environment"
"I helped him fix it then we could play them together"
“I liked using the screwdriver to open the gadget and look inside.”
"I liked finding out what was broken by myself"
“My favourite lesson at school is science, so this was super fun!”
"I got to see the science I learn about in school in real life
"I liked learning about the different components"
"It's cool seeing how gadgets work, I want to see more!"

Follow us to find free workshops in your area!

Team Repair is committed to providing free workshops, allowing children to try our boxes in communities across London. Follow us on Instagram to hear when they are available and where.
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Meet Team Repair!

We are a team of five Imperial College London engineers on a mission to encourage children to pursue STEM and fix the electronic waste crisis.


Is it safe?

Yes! Each box is thoroughly reviewed to ensure its safety. We only take apart gadgets that run on low powered batteries like AAs, and are easy to take apart with manual tools like screw drivers.

What if I get stuck?

Our boxes are thoroughly user tested to make sure they are challenging but fun. Our app should give you everything you need to know to make the repair, including a full video guide from start to finish. If you get really stuck, you can reach out to us for help using the app.

Can I keep the gadget after it has been repaired?

We don’t want you left with any clutter or waste at home - that's why we collect the gadget after the repair. However, if you really want to keep it, let us know at hello@team.repair so we can explore this option in the future.

How do I return it?

With each box we include a pre-paid return postage label so you can book courier collection through our app, or take it to a local postal drop off point. We are working to set-up dedicated Team Repair return stations in community spaces like schools or supermarkets. If you think you can help us with this, please reach out at hello@team.repair!
Something not been answered? Ask us at hello@team.repair