About Us

Team Repair was founded by a diverse team of five Imperial College London engineers aiming to solve some of today's biggest problems.

Our Values

We want to get

more children into

STEM careers.

At Team Repair, we know first-hand how important hands-on learning is for inspiring interests in science, technology, engineering and maths. That’s why our kits step away from textbook learning and provide an interactive and fun experience, built around the school curriculum.

We want to reduce

electronic waste.

The world throws away 50 million tonnes of electronic waste every single year. That’s just not right - we need to learn how to fix broken items instead of just throwing them in the bin. Our kits give children the tools, skills, and confidence to repair their broken gadgets, creating a long term impact of reducing waste.

We want to prove

that toys can be


The last thing we want to do is create more waste. Therefore, the gadgets we use in our boxes are saved from landfill, and our circular model means that our boxes are sent back to us each month. This makes us the first zero waste STEM subscription service. Every gadget and box is continuously reused till the end of its life.

Meet the team!

Business Boffin
Fixing Fanatic
Tech Guru
Sustainability Star
Product Wizard